Excess plastic waste is one of the most detrimental environmental problems that exist in this world, especially affecting developing countries. South Korea, one of the world’s largest consumers of single-use plastic, is facing its own plastic waste crisis, holding around 1.2 million tons of plastic waste across 235 garbage mountains. In response to this crisis, the Korean government has pledged to reduce the amount of plastic waste by 50% by 2030. However, without strict regulations in place, corporations are free to produce as much plastic waste as they wish.

Fighting for a More Sustainable Earth

To make this world a more habitable place in the future, PLAYGROUND’s Environmental Policy Committee created a petition enforcing stricter laws that limit the overflow of disposable plastic waste, addressing it to Congresswoman Han Jeoung-ae, a member of the National Assembly’s Environmental Labor Committee.

Please join us in this movement by downloading this petition, signing it, and sending it to