Due to fears over COVID-19, the number of blood donors has significantly declined in Korea over the past few months. According to the Korean Red Cross, the number of donors between January and May fell by over 113,000 compared to last year, while 145 organizations canceled plans to donate blood. Blood supply levels of hospitals have reached dangerously low levels during critical times.

Assisting the Medical Community through Collboration

Blood Drive Hosted by PLAYGROUND and the Korean Red Cross

On August 23rd, PLAYGROUND’s Public Health Committee partnered with the Korean Red Cross to coordinate a blood drive inviting teenagers throughout Korea to battle the blood supply crisis and make a direct impact on the healthcare community. Although more than hundred participants signed up, only half the number of volunteers showed up due to a recent spike in COVID-19 cases, and only 33 qualified to donate blood. Nevertheless, PLAYGROUND would like to show its utmost appreciation for every volunteer who courageously signed up.