There are uncountably many stereotypes that exist in current society. However, the stigma surrounding teenage single mothers is particularly strong, causing 80% of pregnant teenagers in Korea to pursue an abortion. Not only do teenage single mothers have to cope with society’s overwhelming criticism, but they also have to cope with enormous financial crises. Despite this fact, government support for teenage single mothers falls well under the international human rights guidelines, forcing teenage single mothers to give up their children to orphanages.

Promoting Equity and Eradicating Stigmas

To recognize and alleviate the struggle of teenage single mothers, PLAYGROUND’s Humans Rights Committee organized a fundraiser involving the creation of handmade environment-friendly masks. Over $5000 was raised through the fundraiser, and the raised funds were directed towards supplying necessities such as shampoo and powdered milk to the Korean Unwed Mothers Families’ Association (KUMFA), which provides shelter for 20 single mothers each year. Through this effort, PLAYGROUND was able to speak up against the unjust institutional bias against teenage single mothers and encourage organizations such as KUMFA to push forward in the fight for social justice.

To commemorate World Humanitarian Day on August 19th, PLAYGROUND’s Human Rights Committee created a video urging viewers to ponder about stereotypes and initiated a social media campaign. Issues caused by stereotypes constantly resurface in our daily lives, and unless we make an active effort to eliminate them, they will never go away. Please join us in this campaign by watching this video and sharing it with everyone that needs to hear this message.