Playground is a student-led nonprofit organization committed to bringing social change. When we were kids, the playground was a space for unbound creativity and meaningful collaboration. Now, as we develop as global leaders, the world has become our playground. By tapping into the infinite potential of imagination, we seek to discover new approaches to the world’s most pressing issues. Exploring new opportunities, we aim to apply our ingenuity and creativity to develop innovative yet tangible solutions to improve the world.

Empowering Action. Creating Change.

Playground believes that regardless of age, race, gender, or level of experience, everyone has the ability to make meaningful changes to this world through collaboration and creativity. As developing student leaders looking ahead to a new decade, Playground believes that some of the most important issues to address are public health, human rights, and environmental policy. In each of these categories, we organized an event to raise awareness and make a direct impact on society’s well-being.

Public Health

Environmental Policy

Human Rights

Want to work with us?

We are on the constant lookout for passionate, creative student leaders and organizations that are willing to bring meaningful changes to this world. If you are interested in collaborating with us, please contact us at